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Aba Study Finds Self-Representation Resulting In Worse Outcome In Cases

An American Bar Association (ABA) study finds that more people are representing themselves and are doing a poor job at it.

In a survey of nearly 1,200 state trial judges around the country the ABA found that the weak economy has increased the number of litigants representing themselves in foreclosures, domestic relations, consumer issues and non-foreclosure housing matters. The judges surveyed believe the self-represented litigants are doing a poor job as well as burdening courts already hurt by cutbacks.

According to the ABA the judges interviewed in the study say case filings increased in 2009. The greatest increase is in foreclosures, domestic relations, consumer cases and housing matters.
The report released by the ABA finds that Self-representation is resulting in worse outcomes for litigants, according to 62 percent of the judges. According to 94 percent of the judges who participated in the survey, the greatest problem is failure to present necessary evidence.