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VMW LAW is a general service law firm in New York City which was founded in 2004. With a broad array of legal services, the firm is dynamic and very proactive. A partial list of practice areas include: Real Estate, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation and Immigration. Visit the Practice Areas page for more details.

We pride ourselves with delivering innovative legal solutions in a cost effective manner. While as a general policy we do NOT guarantee any outcome for legal matters, we are result-oriented and driven to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.Avvo Badge

Clients get personalized attention. Through constant research and an interdisciplinary approach effective, novel, and creative solutions are found to legal issues in the New York jurisdiction.


VMW LAW offers legal services in the New York State courts and Federal Court. The federal practice includes Federal Civil litigation, Federal criminal defense, Bankruptcy, and federal appeals including appeals taken before the United States Supreme Court.


At VMW LAW you will find a New York City immigration attorney who is driven by thorough research and investigation. We strive to stay ahead of our competition through constant research and the utilization of the most sophisticated legal research and investigation tools. Clients benefit from a significant body of research on relevant and common New York State law and legal issues.

Our investigative tools also assist in significant breakthrough in cases we litigate. Our investigative resource helps us to get beyond the allegations in legal complaints and pleadings and uncover facts and falsehood to advance our clients cases.


With highly advanced and technologically sophisticated case management software the firm’s billing practice is extremely efficient. Backed by advanced technology, we implement a system of effective checks and balances. With billing and case management efficiency, clients save a great deal in legal fees and expenses. With effective case management you could expect better results with your case.


The firm is proactive in litigating cases and in developing and securing cutting edge legal technology and to improve efficiency and generate better legal solutions for our clients.

VMW LAW places great emphasis on research and technology that maximize efficiency and elevate our practice above the norm. Our law firm and client management tools are top of the line, produced and maintained by leaders in law firm technology. Backed by sophisticated legal research tools we approach each case with steady confidence and the authority to obtain the best possible outcome. We are constantly researching hot button issues and staying ahead of developments in the law.

Look no further than our law firm if you need representation. Contact us for more information about how we can help. We are proud to serve clients in New York City and the New York Metro Area.