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Real Estate Lawyers vs Real Estate Agents

August 8, 2023 Real Estate

Are you buying or selling real estate? You should know the difference between real estate lawyers and real estate agents. They provide complimentary but different services. It may seem obvious, but the differences are often misunderstood.  If you understand the difference between real estate lawyers and real estate agents, you could land better real estate […]

Real Estate Disclosures: What You Need to Know

December 15, 2021 Real Estate

Disclosures are a crucial part of any real estate translation. Regardless of if you are buying or selling your home, you should be familiar with disclosures and understand that even though they are meant to reveal any defects in a home, not everyone plays by the rules. To learn more about disclosures, contact a New […]

Condo Owner Seeks Return of Deed Conveyed in Alleged Foreclosure Rescue Scam

June 16, 2014 Real Estate

VMW LAW, New York, March 2010: The Bronx Supreme Court in New York views it as a case of an alleged “foreclosure rescue scam” or “deed theft”. Deed theft is the description given to the situation where property owners are solicited with offers of private, nonqualifying, short term financing to pay off a delinquent debt […]