Practice Areas

Antitrust and Competition Law

You may be wondering what an antitrust and competition lawyer does. How does he or she help a client with this area of the law? That is what we are going to talk about now. Please read all the way through!

How Can a Lawyer Help with Unfair Competition Law?

Unfair competition is defined as the practice of misleading or deceiving consumers in a particular manner. It can also be attributed to a company that attempts to change or restrict the earning capacity of another company. In each of these cases, a plaintiff can begin a lawsuit called a tort action. The role of a lawyer in this instance is to represent the plaintiff. Or, if an attorney is representing the defense, he or she still must know the applicable laws surrounding the lawsuit.

Antitrust Litigation Law

There are some lawyers in this field who prefer to concentrate on litigation. Especially regarding antitrust litigation laws and regulations. An attorney who represents the plaintiff in an antitrust litigation lawsuit is expected to resolve problems associated with competition in either a dispute, a specific transaction, or an action stemming from the government. Your lawyer must have experience with this in order to be effective.

What Happens in Mergers and Acquisitions Laws?

The attorney in this type of case must have knowledge of the laws surrounding a transaction in which a company’s ownership forms a partnership or is completely sold to another company. Additionally, he or she needs to understand the financial circumstances that are in question with the action concerning this particular case. The attorney will also need to know if this is a friendly merger or a hostile one in which the target did not willingly participate. That matters in the resulting court case too.

What Is an Antitrust Consultancy?

The general purpose of antitrust laws is to limit the marketing power of any one particular company to prevent it from having a monopoly. If a company already has a monopoly on an industry, antitrust laws can be used to break it up into smaller companies and allow competition to exist. A fantastic lawyer understands every aspect of this kind of law and assists clients in its facilitation.