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Legal Services in Guyana – The World’s Fastest Growing Economy

Guyana’s emergence as a Petro-State in 2020 has transformed the resource-rich country into the world’s fastest growing economy. Guyana’s rapid development has attracted an abundance of investment opportunities, commercial transactions, real estate transactions, and entrepreneurship.

From an insignificant global player with marginal companies, Guyana is now a magnet for the world’s most powerful companies. Real estate is booming in Guyana. There is also a flurry of financial transactions, construction, immigration, technology and innovation, intellectual property and just about every other activity that requires legal services. There is no doubt that high quality services are necessary for Guyana to maximize gains from its petroleum resources.

The hustle and bustle of Guyana’s unprecedented growth and development is a potential breeding ground for conflict. All the activities now flourishing in Guyana, require contractual relations with complexities and risks, commercial actors have not dealt with before. This is testing the boundaries of existing laws. Guyana is therefore, enacting and revising several laws to address the new realities its people are grappling with.

Recognizing the urgent need for competent lawyers and legal services providers in Guyana, VMW LAW has expanded its legal services to Guyana.

Providing Legal Competencies Urgently Needed in Guyana

Vivian M. Williams brings a unique skill set to Guyana. He has advanced training in business, commercial and corporate matters, intellectual property, law and economics, crisis management and several other practice areas that are needed in a resource rich country like Guyana.

Vivian’s competency in cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust and competition law, are valuable in a country that is experiencing rapid economic transformation. His understanding of complex contracts is invaluable to businesses and individuals who need adequate risk assessments and safeguards in high-stakes contracts.

Vivian has a global perspective that gives him a good understanding of problems Guyanese companies and foreign companies doing business in Guyana are likely to face. He practiced law in the United States for two decades. Vivian has a Master of Laws degree Global Antitrust and Economics from George Mason Law School and a Doctorate in Business Administration. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of International Business at Baruch College in New York.