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The Paradox of Plenty: Why Guyana’s Local Content Law Needs a Reality Check

By: Dr. Vivian M. Williams, Esq. In October 2022, the Guyana Business Journal (GBJ) challenged a panel of experts to deliberate on how Guyana could maximize local capture from its oil and gas sector. The question is pregnant with possibilities. However, Guyana, like other developing countries before it, assumes that a local content law is […]

How to Avoid Creating a Hostile Work Environment as an Employer

One of the major responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager is to create a safe, comfortable, and non-hostile work environment for the employees.  As an employer, you must make sure that all your employees are treated equally. Discrimination, harassment, and unequal treatment of employees may constitute a hostile work environment. The consequences of a hostile […]

Business Contracts: Why Hiring the Right Attorney Is Paramount

Businesses utilize lawyers for various reasons, most notably when they are brawling in legal battles against competitors and need protection from various legal claims. In addition to this, both start-ups and renowned companies will also turn to attorneys when they need experts to register new ventures, purchase or lease property, finance agreements, and service agreements […]

Arbitration and How it Helps in Legal Cases  

New York City business Lawyers deal with different iterations of civil law.

I Can’t Breathe! From COVID to Social Injustice – Why People of Color are Suffocating

Social injustice and equality now sit at the top of the agenda of global leaders and corporate executives. Outrage on social media over the death of George Floyd spilled unto the street and into boardrooms. Consequently, rioting in major cities across the world, turned May/June into months of riots. People all over the world are […]